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Hello, I’m Dave and I’m the proud owner of Oz Hemp Co. I use hemp products everyday for their amazing health and wellbeing benefits after I had a life-changing accident that left me with a traumatic brain injury. Read more about my story here. 

The hemp products that you see on my website are sourced from some of Australia’s most reputable companies that grow organic hemp seeds and manufacture hemp products.

When you buy hemp foods online from my website I receive a small commission from these companies. This empowers me to reach my goals, live independently and continue to run this website. 

If you have any questions about using hemp in your life, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

About hemp

Hemp seeds have been consumed as a staple food all over the world for thousands of years. They are a great source of protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals that are needed to support a healthy body and mind.

Hemp seeds are actually a nut and contain more than 30% healthy fats, including high levels of omega-3 and omega-6. These essential fatty acids are the same ones responsible for the health benefits of fish and flaxseed oils.

Indeed, hemp seeds contain the highest amount of PUFAs (Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids) like Omega 3 and 6, similar to the level of Walnuts at around 47g of PUFAs in every 100g of seeds.


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Additionally, about 25% of calories in hemp seeds come from protein. By weight, hemp seeds provide similar amounts of protein as beef and lamb. Furthermore, they are considered a complete protein, which means they contain all the essential amino acids. 

They are also a rich source of dietary fibre, B vitamins, and the minerals manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and iron. They really are a superfood! Like chia seeds, spirulina, acai, etc. 

Besides the above nutritional benefits, hemp seeds contain high levels of amino acid arginine, which is associated with a decrease in inflammation and therefore may reduce the risk of heart disease. 

Hemp seeds can be used to make creamy homemade hemp milk – a non-dairy option made from blending hemp seeds with water. Hemp seeds make the perfect addition to porridge, salads, pesto, pasta, burger patties, falafel, muffins, smoothies and desserts. You can find many delicious recipes featuring hemp seeds throughout this website. 


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Are hemp foods legal? Yes.

Hemp seeds are from the same species as cannabis marijuana plant, and was illegal to consume in Australia until 2017. This means they contain trace amounts of THC – the psychoactive compound found in marijuana. But no, it won’t get you high. 

For hemp to be considered as a nutritional ingredient in Australia, it has to contain less than 0.5% of THC. In Australia, hemp seeds may contain trace amounts of THC in the shell, but this is less than 0.3%.

The change in legislation occurred after a review by FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand), which found that low THC hemp is safe to consume and can provide a range of beneficial nutrition and health and wellbeing benefits. 

Hemp seed oil is the oil obtained by cold pressing the ripened fruits seeds of the Cannabis plant.

Hemp seed oil does not contain cannabinoids, such as CBD, apart from trace levels that may be present from inadequate cleaning of the seeds.

Hemp seed oil is not to be confused with another product known as hemp oil. 

Hemp oil is a drug.

Hemp oil is a medicinal cannabis product that can only be accessed by prescription from your doctor who has been granted Special Access Scheme Approval or is an Authorised Prescriber.

Is hemp seed oil a drug?

No. Hemp seed oil is not a drug. In addition, hemp seed oil does not contain anything more than trace amounts of cannabinoids. 

Cited from: Australian Government. Department of Health. The Office of Drug Control.

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